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Spring meals to enjoy in the sunshine

Spring is definitely in the air, the Blackthorn has blossomed, the birds are singing early in the morning and butterflies have been spotted.

It’s a lovely time to start trying some new recipes as you feel like moving away from the heavy, comfort food of winter.

We thought we’d put together three of our favourite spring recipes, all of which can be made with locally-sourced vegetables and meats.

Why not let us know which is your favourite and what you crave to eat in the spring sunshine?

If you have a go at cooking our spring dishes, let us know your results on our social media page at

First we tried out this Spring chicken in a pot recipe  –

It’s quick and easy and proves casseroles aren’t just for winter.

We loved the use of broccoli and spring greens. It was a really light meal and the kids enjoyed it too, which is great as it’s packed with healthy ingredients.

Next up, we tried this spring salmon recipe with minty vegetables –

The mint was beautiful…it gave the meal an extra twist and was a change to the rosemary flavourings from the winter months. Salmon can be expensive so this recipe might not be a regular one.

Again, it’s simple to make and the kitchen smelled beautiful…which isn’t always the case when cooking fish. The recipe uses frozen vegetables, which is fine, but we used fresh ones from a local vegetable box.

Lastly, why not try this double cheese and spring vegetable tart?

Now this was a bit trickier than the other recipes but so very delicious!

You could make your own pastry but we did cheat and went for shop bought. We did use fresh podded peas rather than frozen. The asparagus was a real treat and while not quite in season, it’s nearly there!

With the cheese, goats cheese, crème fraîche and double cream, it’s not a recipe for the waistline but it’s certainly tasty. And it can be made ahead of time, which is great if you like to prep.

We hope you enjoy our spring recipes and we can’t wait to see what you cook up in your own kitchen. Happy Springtime!

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