A look back at one of our old kitchens from 1998!

We were absolutely thrilled recently when one of our loyal customers commented on our Facebook page to tell us the kitchen they bought from us in 1998 is still very much loved and still going strong.

So we thought we’d get back in touch with Pauline Ramsden, of Belle Vue, Shrewsbury, to hear all about her kitchen and what it has meant to her for the past 23 years!

Can you describe the kitchen to us?

It’s a traditional wooden Shaker-style in light pine. It’s probably getting a bit dated so I might get new fronts for the doors soon.

It’s unique as it had to be specially designed for our little cottage.  It has a sink and then when you go round the corner, another sink at right angles with a drying area in between.

It couldn’t be in a straight line so the unit had to be ordered specially.  There’s a big sink cupboard underneath that goes right the way back. Our fitter, Les Glede, did have a challenge because nothing was at right angles! It’s quite a small kitchen but it was designed very well and used all the space.

My  daughter was a toddler when we got it and now she is grown up!

What was the kitchen like before you bought one from Abbey Kitchens?

It just had a basic cooker and old 1950s cupboards and hardly anything in it. It definitely needed a new one!

How has the kitchen fared over the years?

I’m still very happy with it and it’s in great condition. It’s done me very well through the years. I’m very pleased with it and I could not expect more from it. It was our first experience with Abbey Kitchens and a great one.

We’ve had a lot of good times in the kitchen. We can’t all fit in at once but it’s the heart of the family. It’s very workable and very useful.

Would you use Abbey Kitchens again in the future?

Absolutely! I’m thinking of getting new fronts for the doors at some point soon too!

If your quality kitchen is still going strong but is a little outdated or you just fancy a change, speak to us about new door frontals and we’ll be happy to help!

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